Genetic Defect or Environmental By-Product

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It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. This is a time when we welcome unrestricted reader participation. We invite you to comment even if you know nothing about the topic being discussed, you may use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether. This is a pro bono service so have at it readers!

The country has had a trying week with the attempted assassination of some very fine individuals, as they played baseball in preparation for a charity event by James T. Hodgkinson. We wish all those injured a speedy recovery. We also recognize Rep. Steve Scalise’s security detail for preventing an even greater tragedy.  Our prayers are with Rep. Scalise as he struggles with his injuries, and with that we’d like to shoot the shit about genetic defects.

Genetics defines who we are to a greater extent than you may think. Our DNA is like a complex computer program with built in dormant subroutines waiting to be executed. Some subroutines are good and others are bad. What causes the execution of these subroutines is not fully understood but are generally described in scientific parlance as “triggers.” When a trigger is presented to the genome, the subroutine runs. In biological terms we say that the gene is expressed. Cancer functions like that as does our ability to mentally process or handle physical and emotional stressors – schizophrenia is the perfect example. Unfortunately these genetic defects are not readily medically identifiable until they’ve been expressed.

James T. Hodgkinson was an environmental by-product. The man was incapable of processing environmental noise and as more is revealed about his life we see signs of his inability. Individuals like Hodgkinson cannot parse environmental stressors, they simply pile on until they trigger an episode.

Here is the environment that James T. Hodgkinson was trying to navigate over the last two years.

  1. A very divisive Primary and Presidential election where his candidate, Bernie Sanders, was deprived of a fair Primary by DNC operatives.

  2. Almost immediately after the election of President Trump, the leaked Wiki Leaks DNC e-mails became a catalyst for an attack on Donald Trump with baseless accusations of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russia Government; a condition that persists today. Rather than treating these hacks as a counterintelligence investigation in closed sessions where all evidence and avenues can be explored, the DNC did everything possible to publicize and leverage the events to undermine the Trump Presidency. In so doing, they’ve opened the door to one of the biggest embarrassments in U.S. History. They’ve succeeded in placing the United States of America secondary to partisan politics.

  3. A media who has abandoned all professional decorum and objectivity. We are exposed  to  24 hours a day 7 days a week of negative coverage from CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets; they’ve based their coverage largely on anonymous leaks of the President and the Republican Congress.

  4. A celebrity cadre with an aggregate IQ accurately described by lim x –> –∞ . These privileged individuals have gone out of their way to suggest and inspire violence.

So how do we change what appears to be a disastrous course? Partisan bickering will never become a thing of the past, but maybe we should shame the media back to its roots, publish and report facts, identify commentary as such and attempt to instruct, just a little.

This is our commentary!

Readers, have a great weekend. Stay alert, be safe but more importantly stay engaged and do spend quality time with your buds and family.

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