Swab-Its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs


Swab-Its manufactures a number of firearm cleaning products: Bore-tips, Gun-Tips, Bore-Whips, Bore-Sticks and now the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab. The company differentiates itself in the marketplace by producing foam reusable cleaning accessories that are effective and easy to use. Their latest addition makes cleaning that star chamber of your AR patterned rifle a real snap. To assess their ease of use and effectiveness, we started out with a scroungy AR chamber. In the lead photo, you’ll notice the gas tube. It’s not anodized, I’ll just leave it at that. So, you can well imagine what the chamber looks like! It was on this platform that we tested Swab-its Star Chamber Swab.


I went in there with a bit of solvent to loosen things up. Because of the AR’s design, you can use a bag full of cotton patches and still not apply your solvent into all of the chamber’s recesses. This was not the case with the Swab-Its product. Because of its shape, every nook and cranny was accessible by simply rotating the swab a full 360 degrees as you swab out the chamber. After applying my solvent, I used a second swab to mop the chamber out. Another 1 or 2 minutes of swabbing produced some very satisfying results. Voila!


Check that out boys and girls! That chamber never saw a chamber brush and it is squeaky clean. Coincidentally, the Star Chamber Swab exactly fits the charging handle channel in the receiver; also know for being a pain to clean.

DSC_2132Because, the Swab-its products are sponges, they’re easily cleaned and reusable over several cleanings. A little warm water and dishwashing liquid is all you need.

There are some very competent cleaning systems on the market but Swab-its products should supplement those kits, and the company’s Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab is definitely one of those. If you own an AR platform, they’re well worth your $20. I just wish they made them for a .308 chambering – maybe it’s in the works.


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