Morphix Technologies® Exhibiting at NCT Europe 2017

Morphix Technologies® will be displaying its TraceX® Explosives Detection Kit and Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband at Booth #42 at the Haus Oberallgäu in Sonthofen, Germany, June 27 – 29, 2017.

Virginia Beach, Va. (June 2017)Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of detection devices for explosives and dangerous chemicals, will be exhibiting at the NCT Europe Conference, June 27-29, 2017 at the Haus Oberallgäu in Sonthofen, Germany. Morphix Technologies will be exhibiting its TraceX® Explosives Detection Kit and its Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armband during the exhibition part of the conference at Booth #42.

The three-day event will be opened by a multinational CBRN/C-IED/EOD demonstration led by the German, Austrian, Dutch, French and Swiss Armed Forces, followed by two days of conferences, as well as a large indoor and outdoor industry exhibition. NCT Europe 2017 will host two separate conferences, NCT CBRNe Europe and NCT eXplosive Europe, with a shared exhibition area and joint plenary sessions.

TraceX Explosives Detection Kit

“Being in Europe and meeting the great caliber of CBRNE experts at the NCT is a great opportunity for Morphix. We look forward to exhibiting the TraceX and Chameleon.” said Kimberly Pricenski, vice president of sales and marketing for Morphix Technologies.

The TraceX Explosives Detection Kit is designed to help identify bombers, bomb-makers and their bomb-making facilities. This inexpensive kit can fit into a pocket and once deployed can detect most common explosive materials and their precursors at trace levels in a single test.

Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband

The Chameleon Chemical Detection Armband is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, wearable, reusable armband that can hold up to 10 cassettes, each of which detects a particular toxic chemical and changes color upon detection. It has been approved by the U.S. SAFETY Act of the Department of Homeland Security as an anti-terrorist technology.

If you’d like to receive more information on the Chameleon or TraceX, please contact Morphix Technologies toll free at 800-808-2234 or locally at 757-431-2260. You can also email

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