Side Effects and Subliminal Conditioning

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It’s Friday and time for our weekly (most of the time) shoot the shit. There is so much poop going around that it’s hard to pick just one thing. However, since this is a shoot the shit, there are no rules to lock us into just one topic.

Readers, have you noticed the pathetic state of the pharmaceutical industry? Where in the world does a company introduce and advertise acne medication where the side effects include sexual dysfunction, internal bleeding, gastro-intestinal blockage, depression and feelings of suicide, etc.!

Think about it, you’re constipated so you take a pill but instead of taking a dump you blow your brains out! Feeling a bit of menstrual discomfort, take my product but you could become a serial killer! WTF is this all about.

So, to call attention to this issue, we’ve been thinking of holding a contest where we invite readers to make up a side effect and submit it. The contest could run through say Thanksgiving. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place submission will win a tactical prize. This is still in the brainstorming phase but it’s looking better every damned day.

This next topic will really get your goat, it does us because it’s insidious! The liberal media spearheaded by the domestic CNN cadre has been conditioning their audience since the Nov elections. Have you noticed how they “report” that “Democrats do well in those areas where there are highly educated people,” a statement that was again floated during the Georgia 06 elections. What they’re really saying is that educated people vote for Democrats with the corresponding implication being that uneducated people vote Republican. This is a vulgar and deliberate misrepresentation designed to damage the Republican brand.

This is how Democrats CNN, MSNBC, et all would like voters to see Republicans…


If the GOP learned nothing from the 2016 elections, one thing they should have picked up on from Donald J Trump is the importance of branding. POTUS is a marketing genius; not only does he know how to sell but he’s a master brander. DJT knows how to create a brand and how to build value, the GOP does not. They now have an opportunity to do so, but I’m afraid they may be asleep at the wheel and miss this opportunity.

So we are going to ask you for a little favor, when you chat with your GOP officials, let them know that you’re neither deplorable or uneducated. Insist they work to improve the Republican Brand – so much for our soapbox.

Have a great weekend! We’re drying out from some torrential downpours but still looking forward to a little down time. We love hearing from you!

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