IWI US TAVOR Operator Courses Going on the Road

IWI’s TAVOR Level I, II and III Operator Courses will be traveling to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Harrisburg, Pa. (July 2017)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is proud to announce its TAVOR Level I, II and III Operator Courses will be going on the road. IWI’s instructors will be traveling to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia to hold courses.

“We’ve decided to take our TAVOR Operator’s Courses on the road so that more people will have the chance to receive the world class training that we offer. If you’re interested in attending a course, check out our course calendar for information on dates and locations,” said Michael Kassnar, vice president of sales & marketing for IWI US.”

The TAVOR Operator Courses offer civilians and law enforcement professionals an in-depth experience with the TAVOR SAR and Galil ACE platforms, as well as basic knowledge on carbine, pistol and precision rifle platforms. The TAVOR Operator courses are offered in three levels, from the most basic, which brings a new TAVOR owner from little-to-no familiarity with the fundamentals of bullpup shooting to proficiency, to the most advanced, the active level III course that incorporates the knowledge from the two previous courses and adds training in areas like moving from cover to cover, operating in low light, as well as firing from unusual shooting positions.

For questions about the course, contact IWI US directly at training@iwi.us or 717-695-2081. Please reference which TAVOR SAR/X95 Operator Course the questions refer to, as well as the date and location. To learn more about IWI US, please visit www.iwi.us.

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