HENSOLDT Optical Units for Germany’s Future Soldier Programme “Infanterist der Zukunft” Part 3


Wetzlar, Germany, 07/07/2017 – HENSOLDT has received another order for the German Bundeswehr’s “Infanterist der Zukunft – Extended System” (IdZ-ES) modernisation programme. The order includes the delivery of the IRV 600 A1 infrared attachment, the NSV 600 night vision attachment, the ZO 4×30 optical sight as well as the RSA-S reflex sight, the Spotter 60 spotting scope, the ZF 6-24×72 telescopic sight and additional accessories. The total value of the order is over 29 million euros.

“We are very happy about the trust placed in us and our products by the Bundeswehr and that we can make our contribution to the modernization of our armed forces with an order of this size,” said Andreas Hülle, Managing Director of HENSOLDT Optronics. The new sights enable infantry soldiers to better reconnoiter and identify even at long distances and with poor visibility…”

The ZO 4×30-IdZ optical sight serves to quickly acquire targets and to quickly and reliably take aim at them. Its wide field of vision of 8° makes it possible to monitor a scene over a wide area.

The RSA-S is intended for use as a red dot sight to acquire targets at close range. This reflex sight is waterproof and extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations. At only 100 grams it is a real lightweight among red dot sights.

The IRV 600 A1 infrared attachment is an uncooled, noiseless thermal imaging device. With a resolution of 640×480 pixels it enables the highest geometric resolution, to provide users with as much information as possible. This unit is now also more compact and about 28 percent lighter than its predecessor, the IRV 600. This makes progress on the further reduction of the total weight of an infantry soldier’s equipment.

The advantage of the NSV 600 night vision attachment is that it can be used together with daylight optical sights. In this way, even if there is little light left, the soldier benefits from the four times magnification of the ZO 4×30 basic optics.

Thanks to both the Picatinny rail and the NATO rail according to STANAG 4694, all of the sights can be quickly and easily fixed to the weapon, without additional tools being required. The units are all modular systems from HENSOLDT Optronics. This means that the soldier can use the optics not only autonomously, but also in combination with other units and that, when changing between night & day, the weapon does not have to be readjusted. For decades now, HENSOLDT has been a partner to the Bundeswehr for optics and optronics.The company could thus react practically to customer requests with its product portfolio.

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