Master Instructor

Hosted by the Richland Police Department and Pacific Tactical LLC

July 19-21, 2017 9AM – 5PM 

Police Department Firing Range
3230 Twin Bridges Rd.
Richland, WA 99352

$750 includes UTM ammunition for the course

Tony Lambraia and Jeromy Hasenkamp – Ultimate Training Munitions


UTM Instructor Certification and Force Instructor Update


July 26, 2017 9AM – 5PM

Lewis County Sheriff’s Office
345 NW North Street
Chehalis, WA  98532


Jeromy Hasenkamp – Ultimate Training Munitions


(Contact Pacific Tactical if you need loaner equipment for the class)

  • UTM Pistol Conversion (9mm F/X™ training pistols are acceptable)
  • UTM 5.56 Rifle Conversion or F/X™ 9mm Rifle Uppers (No other 556 conversions will be allowed)
  • NLTA protective Helmet with throat protection
  • NLTA protective Clothing or 2 Layers of loose fitting BDU style clothing
  • Groin Protection
  • Duty Related equipment
  • Note taking material


The objective of this course is to provide the participants with the abilities needed to effectively design, instruct and implement a reality based training (RBT) program using Non- Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA). This type of training is synonymous with and also commonly known as,”Force-on-Force” Training (FOF) . The primary focus of this course will be the introduction, and application of the UTM Reality Based Training model for development of training with any type of NLTA. We will also introduce several of the current technologies available for force on force training. The principles and concepts taught in this block of instruction have direct application for Law Enforcement, Military or private training organization personnel.

Our goals for the training are accomplished through a teaching methodology which takes the
operator through a series of skill builders, drills and mini-scenarios in a realistic environment. It is a systematic, phase based approach to develop training utilizing a series of drill progressions involving stress inoculation, which we believe is critical to skills practice of any kind or discipline. In addition, it provides the operator an environment to manage his/her own physiological response to stress while applying good tactics and decision making. Realism is further added by allowing the operator to use his/her own duty weapons system and gear during training instead of simply a blue-gun or unfamiliar dedicated conversion weapon. Our goal is to promote training success not training scars.

This course, along with our training model also provides a platform for an agency/unit to test the strengths and limitations of their individual protocols, in variety of areas including tactics, arrest techniques, combatives/DT, CQB and many others. Regardless of your techniques, tactics or approach or to training in these areas, the goal of the course is to provide a means of seeing what works, what doesn’t and to serve as a springboard to enhance operator survivability through realistic training.

Specifically, in conjunction with instruction the participants will each take part in a variety of skill builders, drills and mini- scenarios (fragmentation drills) that will serve as a template or foundation for future application with his/her individual agency/unit. They will also serve as a team member tasked with the development and instruction of a group training session utilizing NLTA and the concepts and methods learned in the course.

Topics discussed in this course will include but are not limited to: Available technologies for force on force training, training model phases, safety guidelines for NLTA training, Use of Force and application in case law, role player development, testing protocols, utilization of limited resources including budget/facilities and scenario development.

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  • Safety Glasses
  • 2-Layer of loose fitting BDU style clothing
  • Gloves suitable for NLTA training
  • Note taking material
  • Holster/Mag Pouch for Glock or training weapon
  • AR15/M4 pattern carbine or rifle
  • Blue Glock 17T Pistol, Sig 9/40 caliber full size or compact pistol, Glock 9/40 caliber full size or compact pistol
  • 5 cartridges of current Non-Lethal Training ammunition (Non-UTM) and conversion for head to head comparison


Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is the most advanced Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) on the market. UTM has become the clear choice of Military, Law Enforcement and Professional Training Organizations seeking the best in Non-Lethal Training Ammo (NLTA).

This course is geared towards providing instructors from various force option disciplines with tools and ideas to return to their agencies and enhance their current training curriculum even if they do not currently use UTM as their NLTA.

After completing this 8-hour block, attendees will receive the UTM user certification and will have covered the following performance objectives:

  • Overview of the UTM Training System
  • Understanding the Fail-Safe safety features of the UTM Weapons conversion kits
  • Identify applications for UTM’s patented line of Non-lethal training Ammunition in various training disciplines
  • Proper conversion method of a standard duty firearms to shoot UTM NLTA
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for UTM conversion kits and ammunition
  • Discuss current problem areas in force option training and explore solutions
  • Introduction to UTM’s unique Training Methodology
  • NLTA Training Safety Protocol review
  • Approximately 4 hours of the 8-hour block will be dedicated to skill and drill instruction based on UTM’s Training methodology.

(Agencies making at least a $1500 purchase w/ 6 months of classes from Pacific Tactical will receive a $150 credit toward purchase. Only one credit can be applied for each $1500 purchase amount)

REGISTER NOW – Under Training: LE/MIL/PT

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