Swab-its: New 3 in 1 Bore-Sticks Cleaning Tool Changes How People Clean Their 9mms


Swab-its® 9mm Bore-Sticks™ are now in mass production, so they should now be available at your favorite dealers and distributors, as well as at www.swab-its.com.

The new 3 in 1 Swab-its Bore-Sticks are caliber-specific and also come with their own handle, eliminating the need for a cleaning rod or jag. As with the other Swab-its foam swabs, the Bore-sticks compress as they enter the barrel. Then, as they travel through the barrel, they expand into the rifling with a 360 degree tight bore fit for precision cleaning and lubricating.

Bore-sticks handles are made of robust and flexible polypropylene. The swabs are lint-free and washable, making the Bore-Sticks an innovative all-in-one lightweight, economical and portable replacement for the rod, jag and patch.

The 9mm Bore-Sticks will also clean .357, .38 and .380 bores. . Plans for other calibers are in product development.

Swab-its line of firearm products are designed and made in the USA to take the pain out of gun cleaning. Swab-its foam swabs are a US patented replacement to the patch, mop, and snake. All Swab-its foam swabs can be cleaned with soap and water or mineral spirits and used over and over The Bore-Tips® come in major calibers, threaded to the standard cleaning rod, while Bore-Whips come in .177 and .22/5.56. Swab-its Gun-tips® are foam swabs made of the same material as the Bore-tips and Bore-whips. They come in assorted lengths, head sizes, and thickness with their own handle. The new Swab-its® Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs™ for AR-15/M4 and similar Modern Sporting Rifles feature wings that easily penetrate locking lugs to quickly clean the internal diameter of the barrel extension.

Swab-its continues to develop products that change the way people clean their guns!

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