Precision Delta Offers 223 PDP Pro Ammunition



(Ruleville, MS) – Precision Delta, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of handgun reloading components and match ammunition, is proud to offer their PDP Pro ammunition in an additional caliber option.
Precision Delta has added .223 55gr FMJ-BT to the PDP Pro lineup, offering the quality features of the PDP Pro ammo to rifle shooters as well.  Precision Delta first introduced their PDP Pro ammo in calibers of 380 Auto, 9mm, and 38 Special.  The PDP Pro ammunition is developed utilizing the best components available, perfect for seasoned range-goers and competitive shooters alike.  The PDP Pro line offers a high-quality, accurate round at an attractive price point.
Precision Delta will continue to expand the PDP Pro ammo line, adding more calibers including 40 S&W, 10mm, 45 ACP and 300 AAC BLK.

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