A Moment of Frivolity

We are fortunate to have a superb administration in place, including its cabinet. Our Secretary of Defense, General James, Mad Dog, Mattis is someone you’d follow into battle and know your butt is covered, so we thought we’d come up with some handles for other prominent world figures…

Image result for kim jong un

     Kim Jong “Mini-me” Un

Image result

          Hassan “ZigZag” Rouhani

Image result for Vladimir Putin

                 Vladimir “Ipon” Putin

Image result for Barack Obama ears

                                                        Barack Hussein ”Wing-nut” Obama II

Image result for nicolas maduro venezuela

                                               Nicolas “Aquacate” Maduro

There’s an old Spanish saying “Aquacate Maduro Peo Seguro,” which will mean absolutely nothing unless you speak Spanish.

Image result for Donald J Trump

Donald J. “Big Bucks” Trump

Image result for Mexican President

Enrique Peña “Pinche” Nieto

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