Secure Outcomes LS/GunSmoke™ Fingerprinting System Integral Part of the New High Speed NFA Barcode-Based Transfer System Announced Today by ATF

Secure Outcomes’ LS/GunSmoke™ fingerprint system provides Class III firearms dealers with a fully integrated easy to use solution to collect fingerprint/photo information to meet compliance requirements for Class III NFA purchases.LS/GunSmoke supports the new ATF barcode system and form generator for Form 4 application processing that was announced today.

Evergreen, Colo. (August, 18 2017) Secure Outcomes, a leading designer and producer of digital livescan fingerprinting systems for Class III firearms dealers, has worked closely with firearms manufacturers and retailers to help dramatically streamline the old National Firearms Act (NFA) transfer process system.

As part of the new processing framework product launch, Secure Outcomes is providing 25 of its LS/GunSmoke™ digital fingerprinting units to an initial qualified group of Dead Air Class III firearms dealers.

Dead Air, Gemtech and Silencer Shop, prominent Class III firearms manufacturers/distributors, presented the new proposed barcode system and form generator to the ATF to significantly reduce the delays previously encountered in the NFA processing system.

Secure Outcomes’ LS/GunSmoke™ system supplies Class III firearms dealers and manufacturers a complete integrated package of fingerprinting capabilities that meet both the new ATF barcode transfer processing and the Rule 41F requirements for Class III firearms dealers.

Since product launch, over sixty Class III firearms dealers in almost every state have purchased and are using LS/GunSmoke systems.

The main benefit that LS/GunSmoke provides to dealers and their customers is to provide a one-stop integrated package with the new ATF bar-coding system to dramatically reduce by six to eight months the previous wait time of the ATF approval process.

Dealers can log into any of the Dead Air, Gemtech or Silencer Shop web sites and click the link to complete a customer’s Form 4 using the new free form generator, which quickly populates the form with the customer’s information and choice of product.

The LS/GunSmoke system fast scans the customer fingerprints and takes and prints the required photograph. The dealer sends the printed bar-coded form with the Secure Outcomes information to the ATF for the new fast processing.

Jack Harper, Secure Outcomes president, said, “I believe firearms dealers that use the Secure Outcomes LS/GunSmoke system with the new bar-coding will see significant competitive advantages that will build greater market share for them with the terrific decrease in ATF approval time from almost a year down to just a couple of months. I see customers flocking to those dealers.”

Harper further stated, “We are especially happy to have been working with top quality manufacturers such as Dead Air on this.”

Secure Outcomes designed the LS/GunSmoke system to supply firearms dealers and manufacturers a complete integrated package of fingerprinting capabilities that meet both the new ATF barcode transfer processing and the Rule 41F requirements for Class III firearms dealers. LS/GunSmoke also meets the needs of states that require in-class fingerprinting for concealed carry / CCW classes.

The LS/GunSmoke handles everything for the firearms dealer/concealed carry instructor including automatic self-scoring/grading of the fingerprints to FBI standards to virtually eliminate card rejects from federal/state authorities.

LS/GunSmoke also includes the integrated ability to take and print 2″x 2″ passport style color photographs required by ATF and can optionally collect and store digital customer signatures for repeat purchase processing.

Secure Outcomes customers experience superior 24/7/365 customer service all year, every day, any hour, even with out of warranty products. Secure Outcomes never abandons its customers!

The LS/GunSmoke includes full software/hardware warranty for one-year, software updates, training, a reference video DVD as well as optional on-site training.

LS/GunSmoke systems arrive fully configured and ready to go right out of the box.

In addition, when ATF accepts digital information transmissions, Secure Outcomes guarantees that current owners of the LS/GunSmoke system will be able to upgrade to digital transmission to ATF at no charge.

About Secure Outcomes:

Secure Outcomes designs and builds the industry’s easiest to use, most cost effective and best supported digital livescan fingerprinting systems. The fast growing Secure Outcomes customer base of over 300 users includes 110+ police departments, the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, over 60 Class III NFA firearms manufacturers and dealers, multiple federal airports, a federal government financial agency with over $1-trillion in assets, 70+ public school districts, Fortune 500s, commercial fingerprint service companies and many others in 40+ states.

Secure Outcomes systems are designed to operate anywhere in the world and are 100 percent programmed in Common Lisp, the artificial intelligence applications development language.

U.S Patents 9,342,732, 8,676,046, 8,331,775 and 9,569,655.

Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

Secure Outcomes Inc.


Jack Harper, CEO /2942 Evergreen Parkway, Suite 300 /Evergreen, Colorado 80439

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