Dark Storm Industries DS Hailstorm 9mm Pistol and SBR

Dark Storm’s Hailstorm 9mm pistol and carbine gives AR enthusiasts a lot of reasons to add these platforms to their collection, first of all, using GLOCK® magazines.

Oakdale, NY (August 2017) –Dark Storm Industries (DSI), a New York based firearms manufacturer, has designed and made the Hailstorm DS 9mm pistol and SBR to give GLOCK® and AR fans a new platform. The Dark Storm’s billet 7075 aluminum lower is built specifically for GLOCK 9mm magazines (G17, G19 and G26). The DS built upper receiver, also in billet 7075 aluminum, features a last round bolt-hold-open function.

Additional features that make the DS 9mm pistol and carbine a clear stand out include a superior fit, eliminating any spaces between upper and lower, a flared mag well and grip on the front, and compatibility with other after-market AR accessories. The single-stage trigger offers a clean, crisp pull and both carbine and pistol offer low felt recoil. DSI designed and produced parts such as the 9mm bolt carrier group, the billet ambidextrous safety selector, the ultralight narrow profile M-Lock 9″ barrel shroud, conical muzzle blast deflector and 7.5″ 9mm threaded nitrite barrel to offer outstanding performance on a lightweight platform.

Both pistol and rifle come with a 17-round magazine, outfitted with a Hogue® Pistol Grip, trigger lock and are optic ready. The DS-9 Hailstorm pistol features a CAA stock saddle cheek riser and a Thordsen Customs enhanced buffer tube cover with QD sling sockets, all for an MSRP of $1,095.00. The DS-9 short barreled rifle with a Magpul CTR stock has an MSRP of $1,095.00 and all NFA regulations apply.

“The addition of a 9mm version DS Hailstorm pistol and SBR to our line gives customers that prefer the 9mm, whether it is for self-defense or because they are serious GLOCK fans, two reliable and accurate platforms that are easy to use and maintain, with low recoil and an amazing appetite when it comes to the variety of 9mm ammo that these guns handle,” Ed Newman, president of DSI summed up.

DSI also offers DS-9 carbine models in compliant configurations for the restrictive states of California and New York. For more information, visit www.dark-storm.com.

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