HENSOLDT Delivers Fire Control Sight for shoulder-launched RGW 90 LRMP Weapon to German Special Forces

2011 Special Forces in Action RGW 90 with FCS macro landscape

Würgendorf, Germany, 29th September 2017 – Last week, Dynamit Nobel Defence and HENSOLDT handed over the shoulder-launched multi-purpose weapon RGW 90 LRMP together with the specially developed HENSOLDT fire control sight to the German Special Forces Command. Both prime contractors developed their products in close contact with the Bundeswehr to be able to provide the user with the best possible solution.

The Bundeswehr is the most important reference customer for HENSOLDT. Cooperation is always productive and between equals. “The development of our fire control sight for the RGW 90 LRMP is a shining example of the excellent cooperation between industry and the German procurement authority BAAINBw, but also with Dynamit Nobel Defence. We can clearly see here how important constant contact is for developing innovative products,” said Andreas Hülle, Head of Optronics, during the product presentation in Würgendorf.

The removable fire control sight supports soldiers in fulfilling their missions. It acquires the data on the surroundings and the target as well as internal ballistic information. The 5.5-fold enlargement and the laser range finder offer the user the best reconnaissance results and ease of use. The fire control sight allows the marksman to determine the distance to the target and to select the ignition mode. The integrated ballistic computer calculates the elevation and lead angle using the target data. The electronic target mark is then shown automatically on the micro-display. Thanks to the system’s unique precision, HENSOLDT thus increases the probability of the first shot hitting a stationary or mobile target.

The RGW 90 LRMP with its fire control sight will be used by the Special Forces Command and the Naval Special Forces. HENSOLDT is currently working on complementing their family of fire control sights for use with other shoulder-launched weapons.

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