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No, I’m not talking about the 1970’s dance. I’m talking about the bump stock, which is the now infamous accessory used by Stephen Paddock on the weapons employed in the Las Vegas shootings. Folks, if you are relying on the media for accurate information you’re dreaming. So, I’d like to help you fill in the gaps.

  1. Fully automatic weapons manufactured before 1986 are legal to own in the U.S. and they are classified and regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA). These firearms are highly collectible; for example, an M16 registered receiver commands a price of $20,000 to $30,000. People buy these weapons to own a piece of militaria and there are annual gatherings where collectors get together to fire each other’s automatic rifles and machine guns. It’s a two to three day event that’s a great deal of fun if you have the chance to attend.
  2. As to the bump stock, the legal test for what constitutes an automatic weapon is clear and precisely defined. Does one trigger pull result in multiple rounds fired? If the answer is yes, the weapon is automatic period. If a trigger pull results in only one round being fired then the weapon is semi-automatic. For obvious reasons the rate at which you pull the trigger is irrelevant. The bump stock simply increases the rate at which the trigger is pulled by the shooter. It accomplishes that by harnessing the rifle’s recoil impulse. With or without a bump stock one trigger pull fires one round. This is the reason ATF cleared it.
  3. There’s been shameful wild-eyed calls for criminal and civil actions against bump stock manufacturers but how reasonable is that. One news celebrity accused manufacturers of “intentionally getting around” regulations. Well what the hell is a tax shelter if not a work-around? These manufacturers invested capital and perspiration to bring a product to market which the market accepted and thousands have been sold. These companies presented functional design specifics to the ATF Technical Division for approval prior to production and marketing. So where is the criminality?
  4. Last but not least disparaging remarks about the ATF and the NRA are a vulgar display of ignorance. The ATF has an enormous task and limited resources, and the NRA does more to promote and advance firearm safety and awareness than any organization in the world.

So, cut the crap news media and stop prejudging companies on the airwaves, let the justice system and the courts do that. Please present facts, not drama, half truths or flat out lies. Have the energy and integrity to research before you present. Stop the ridiculous argument of “why do you need that”- why do you need a 220 mph Lamborghini? It’s a free market economy and one miscreant should not influence everyone else’s life.

Stop referring to the NRA’s position on the bump stock issue as a doge, it is not. It’s precisely the right thing to do. Let ATF make their determination.

I’m astounded by your lack of journalistic integrity which is what prompted this short piece ; it’s not a position for or against bump stocks which is what you guys should be doing.

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