Brownells Announces Exclusive Polymer80 Frames For Glock®-Style Pistols



Grinnell, Iowa – Do-it-yourself pistol builders can now get unique Polymer80 80% frames at Brownells in a wide range of colors and with a Brownells-exclusive, more-aggressive grip texture to make instant custom handguns at home.

Also exclusively at Brownells are Polymer80 80% frames in the color Coyote Tan.

Polymer80 80% frames accept parts compatible with either the Gen3 Glock® 19/23/32 or Glock® 17/22/33/34/35 handguns. Because they are not complete firearms, they can be shipped straight to a customer’s home without an FFL.

The customer must perform the final manufacturing and the 80% frames include a jig, and all required drill bits and end mill. With a drill press or similar tool, an 80% frame can be finished into a firearm in just minutes.

Polymer80 80% frames exclusive to Brownells include:

“The Polymer80 80% frames are perfect for dedicated enthusiasts who enjoy building it themselves,” said Brownells CEO Pete Brownell. “Those who might have built their own AR-15 rifle can now make their very own custom pistol with just a few simple tools.”

See Brownells How To Build a Polymer 80″ page for detailed videos and information about completing an 80% frame, as well as how different parts fit.

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