SAR USA Unveils SAR 9

Des Plaines, IL, Oct. 1, 2017 – SAR USA combined all the features experts demand in one handgun for duty, competition and carry in its new SAR 9. The polymer-framed, striker-fired semiauto is made to NATO specs in the 137-year-old firearm firm’s cutting-edge facility.

Lightweight, accurate and unwavering in reliability, the SAR 9’s low-profile design channels recoil straight back into the hand for recoil mitigation and follow-ups faster than criminals can say, “Sorry, mister!”

SAR 9’s next-generation trigger design does away with the terrible two-stage feel that has become the accepted norm. Instead, SAR 9 uses a patented, double-action-style trigger that’s pounds lighter than traditional double actions. The SAR 9 comes with metal sights (why wouldn’t every handgun?), two 15-round mags and all the features serious handgunners expect in a top-end 9mm pistol, except the frightening price tag. Now imported by SAR USA and sold throughout America, the SAR 9 retails for $449. Windswept Creative Group Cody Roberts 512.944.3828 S

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