High Speed Gear® announced the release of an entire line of gear. The Duty line of pouches were designed with direct input from law enforcement professionals. The Duty TACOs®function the same as the originals and feature sleeker fronts and hidden shock cord, which is woven internally.
This family includes the Duty Pistol TACO®, Duty Double Pistol TACO®, Duty Glove Pouch, Duty Extended Pistol TACO®, Duty Handcuff TACO®, Duty Double Handcuff TACO®, Duty LEO TACO®, Duty Radio TACO® and Duty MAC TACO®, as well as the new HSGI® Shoulder Bag, Cop Lock Duty Belt and Belt Keepers.

These products are designed to provide the same versatility High Speed Gear® is known for while also meeting the regulations of most law enforcement departments.

The Duty pouches also come in one universal mounting configuration using the modified HSGI® Clips. These new clips mount to MOLLE like the originals, but also come with a screw assembly that converts the clip into a belt loop for use with belts up to 2”.
For more information, please contact HSGI customer service department at
cs@highspeedgear.com or call 910-325-1000.

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