Everything you need to start practicing in one, convenient airgun package. This exciting airgun package features both an MPX ASP rifle and P320 ASP pistol. Both airguns are chambered to fire .177 caliber ballistic pellets. And it doesn’t stop there! Also included in this exclusive air gun package is:
• 5-Pack CO2 (12 gr)
• 2-Pack CO2 (90 gr)
• .177 caliber Match Ballistic Alloy (Non-Lead) 500 Pellet Blister Pack
• SIG SAUER Reflex Target
• 2-Pack P320 ASP 20-Round Magazine
• MCX/MPX ASP 30-Round Magazine with 3 Extra Belts

This is the perfect air gun package for entry level shooters interested in getting a wide variety of high quality SIG SAUER air guns to practice with — plus all the added goodies to get started.
NOTE: This Airgun Package is only valid while supplies last. Airguns are subject to state and shipping restrictions.

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