TGIF! We made it through another week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend, right! You can forget that idea with Thanksgiving coming our way.

For that reason, we’ve called this shoot the shit to blow off a little steam. Shoot the shits are great for getting stuff off your chest without seeing a therapist and having to pay $150 to $300 an hour. When we get done with you, you’ll feel better and still have money for a drink and a hooker.

Can you guys believe what’s been going on in Washington? There is so much porking going on in Washington that Congress needed to set up a secret slush fund to compensate individuals (male, female, transgender, switch hitter or undecided) claiming abuse. Now, fully loaded (including benefits) compensation for Congressmen (House and Senate) and Congresswomen is $243,000, the Speaker and certain committee chairs get slightly more. The figure I’ve shown does not included payments to individuals claiming sexual harassment or abuse. So that $243,000 may just be higher depending on what you do in the confines of your office – It’s no wonder their minds are constantly on reelection! Where else but in Congress can you knock down over a quarter million dollars a year, do nothing and have the taxpayer pick up the tab for ass grabbing! Wouldn’t it be cheaper if they brought in hookers?

Presentation1We’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what it would feel like having Al Franken slip you the tongue? Ugh! Senator Franken has been serving in the Senate since 2009 representing the State of Minnesota.

Al, give that lutefisk a break! If you’re going to fondle a woman’s bosom at least wake her up!

On a more serious note, the recent and highly publicizes mass killings have sparked renewed calls for gun control – nothing new here. However, if you support the 2nd Amendment you need to remain alert to some of the stuff that’s going all of which designed to sway public sentiment. The assaults  are many and insidious.

You’ll hear arguments like; countries that have implemented strong gun control (read bans) have less gun homicides. This is an example of using statistics to lie because what they don’t tell you is that as gun homicides decline, homicides with edged weapons, blunt object and other means went up.

Another strategy is media coverage. A mass shooting will be covered continuously for 1 to 2 weeks. Yet, when you look at FBI statistics 55% to 60% of all gun homicides are gang related activity using a handgun. Why aren’t these event getting covered? Because they are usually related to drug trafficking pointing directly to illegal immigration and poor border or port enforcement.

If you want to get a good feel for what’s heading our way read the following Guardian article. Lots of statistics, all of which are designed to impugn firearms, the firearms industry and NRA; not individual miscreants and criminals. So, here we go again!

Have a great weekend! We’ll be finishing up our Holiday Gift Giving  Idea piece. Have fun but be safe and get some quality time with your buds and family.

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