Image result for Ex LaxReaders this has been an unbelievable week, did someone slip Washington D.C. Ex Lax while we weren’t looking. It’s amazing!

We now have men walking around with inferiority complexes and contemplating suicide.  For weeks we’ve been hearing from the media how bad men and from women who are rightfully pissed about the way they’ve been treated, but let’s get real ladies! How many of you know a woman willing to use sex to advance her goals or agenda. Be honest, because it happens more frequently than decent hardworking ladies care to admit. Fact!

Clearly, men need to rethink how they interact with women, but let’s face it, we spend at least 8 hours per day with each other and it’s natural for affinities to develop. Men, since homo sapiens appeared on the planet, have been the aggressive gender, they hunt, they fought wars and pursued women; it is genetic predisposition. So, if you show up at the office in a sheer dress that reveals you’re wearing a thong or allows the Areola to be visible while sitting at your desk, right wrong or indifferent you’ll be hit on. Also fact!

If you’re traveling with a male boss, or coworker, and he invites you up to his room to see his Bat Mitzvah pictures or discuss tomorrow’s meeting agenda the mere suggestions should sound alarms. It’s not my intention to place the burden on the ladies, but we all need to be receptive to bilateral criticism.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Washington D.C. over the years. I liked hanging out at The One Step Down Club (closed circa 2000)  on Pennsylvania Ave, a great Jazz establishment. On the weekends they hosted some amazing local talent. There’s nothing like three brothers on bass, piano and saxophone producing some kickass jazz. Having said that, I can assure you that pork__g is not limited to Congressional legislation!

In closing…

Guys let’s give the ladies a break and ladies let’s give the guys a break also. Situational awareness applies to more than armed conflict avoidance.

Speaking of armed conflict, the House has approved the bipartisan Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 (H.R. 38) with 58 original cosponsors. This piece of legislation is long overdue and does not infringe on state’s rights. It was simply amazing that Congresswoman Pelosi literally had no idea what the legislation is intended to do. Sad!


There’s been a great deal of misinformation  disseminated about the ACA (a.k.a Obamacare). Allow me to take a stab at showing you why it was a bad approach to healthcare from the get-go.

  1. Insurance companies are for profit organization. They are in the business of managing risk. The way they achieve profitability is by charging premiums, application of deductibles, exclusions in coverage and managing what they pay to doctors or healthcare providers.
  2. The ACA created a captive market. It required everyone meeting specific criteria to purchase insurance, or provide insurance for employees. Failure to comply results in a IRS fine.
  3. It requires health insurance companies to provide a minimum level of coverage, including preexisting conditions. This raises risk to the insurance company.
  4. Furthermore, it established exchanges serviced by a limited number of companies.
  5. If the individual could not afford the premiums, the federal government will provide subsidies.

Imagine for a moment that you are a painter and a local home owners association contracted with you to provide painting services for the housing development. Next, the association sends out a letter requiring all homeowners to paint their homes once a year or pay a special assessment. They also tell you that in addition to painting the home you the painter also needs to steam clean the driveway. Lastly, if the homeowner can’t afford to pay for your service, the association will subsidize the homeowner.

My question to you the painter: What would you do to your price?

This is why the ACA is irreparable and destined to fail.

I’ll close out this shoot the shit with a tune from Fisher “Stop It” it’ll warm you up for the weekend’s festivities.

Have a great weekend but be safe and spend some quality time with you buds and family! Three weeks til Christmas so get your shopping done before the alien portals open and the fruitcakes come out!

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