DoubleStar Veterans Day Sweepstakes Honored our Country’s Veterans through the Special Operations Charity Network Donations

The DoubleStar Veterans Day sweepstakes supported Veterans with a special edition, Vintage Military Themed Wrath™ CrashHawk for one lucky winner.

Winchester, Ky. (December 2017)DoubleStar Corp, manufacturers of high-quality, US-made AR components, rifles and pistols, partnered with the Special Operations Charity Network to create a one-time package featuring a vintage military finish Wrath™ CrashHawk to one individual who donated  to the charity during the sweepstake period of Oct. 16 to Nov. 1, 2017.

Rob Cabrera, Director and Designer of the Edged Weapon Division of DoubleStar created the Special Edition Vintage Military Themed Wrath CrashHawk  and finished it with Valkyrie Combat’s Cerakote® in a classic retro colored “Battle-worn” American Flag to honor our Veterans from World War I to Vietnam.  Cabrera originally designed the CrashHawk by taking the best of a crash axe and combining it with military lineage of a Tomahawk.  The Wrath, made from .285 S7 tool steel is way beyond bullet-proof; it is strong enough to slice through the A-pillar of a full-size car without damaging the blade. Utilizing a scalloped spike, the Wrath increases penetration with the same slicing effects of serration and will go right though most sheet metals with ease. Cabrera custom designed the handle and texture to give the right amount of retention without being too abrasive on the hands. It weighs in at 2 lbs. 1 oz. and measures a compact 16.5.” The Wrath CrashHawk honors those that have served our Country in its lineage and its craftsmanship.

The Special Edition Wrath was packaged in a customized foam insert with a sheath for MOLLE attachment and a shoulder strap. Also included is a two-sided commemorative DoubleStar coin. Packaged in a military ammo can, with the logos of all the participating companies that provided materials or services in the development of this Veterans Day Sweepstakes package engraved on it, the Special Edition Wrath was truly a work of art in honoring our military. Other vendors included Current, Tactical Combat Tools, FoamDesign, Valkyrie Combat, D.B. Webb, Inc. and Spectre Targets.

“The Special Operations Charity Network is a resource for all the Special Operations non-profits out there. It provides valuable advice, partnership, legal and financial to these groups supporting our elite operators and their families,” Cabrera said. “We want to thank all the participating vendors, the Charity and all our customers who participated in this sweepstakes and gave money to support this important cause.”

“In 2017 Special Operations units were deployed to 149 countries across the word. On any given day there are roughly 8,000 operators deployed in 80 countries. The constant deployments in a rapid pace come at a price for the Service Member as well as their family. Special Operations Charity Network is committed to helping to provide the resources and tools need to help maintain strong physically and mentally Operators. With the help of great partners like Double Star on board we are making a difference,” Gianna Varrati of the Special Operations Charity Network summarized.

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