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It appears that Glock Inc. has leaked the planned release of a new pistol,  the G19X. So,  what exactly is the G19X? It’s been described as a crossover pistol composed of a Glock 19 slide riding on a Glock 17 full-sized frame. Apparently, the 19X is derived from Glock’s participation in the Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition and is expected to hit select retailer shelves on 22 Jan 2018.

For the 19X, Glock eliminated the grip finger grooves, the cutout in front of the magazine well, there are no external safety and ambidextrous slide stop levers (hopefully they’ll be extended) . Glock plans to ship the pistol with three 17 round magazines; however, two of the magazines will have base plates that allow for an additional 2 rounds, so it looks like you’ll have 19 in the magazine + one in the pipe for a total of 20 rounds. The leak also indicated enhanced polygonal rifling and a target crown ( sounds very much like Glock’s Marksman barrel). The pistol will be released in coyote brown, frame and slide,  using an NPVD slide coating. The Glock 19X will also have a lanyard loop.

For the official G19X Page Click Here

We will certainly check out the Glock 19X at this year’s Shot Show and report back in greater detail for all of our Glock enthusiast.

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