Harry Collins Lt. (SS) USNR Joins Twobirds Flying Publications as Staff Writer


clip_image006We are pleased to announce that Lt. Collins has joined our team as a staff writer. Lt. Collins served in Southeast Asia then joined the Submarine Force serving aboard the USS Ray SSN-653 as well as other Commands. I had the honor to serve with Harry; he is one hell of a warrior not to mention a “chick magnet.”

clip_image004While in Southeast Asia, Harry conducted operations that included infiltrations and exfiltrations, along with patrols  to intercept waterborne enemy movement of supplies and personnel. 

“…We spent most of 1968 in I Corp running the Cua Viet River to Dong Ha on the DMZ, the Perfume River to Hue, and in and out of Da Nang for three Counteroffensives of Tet. The latter part of 1968 we were in III Corp on the Mekong Delta. I volunteered for submarine duty while in Saigon…”

Harry left the Navy after 11 years of service then sailed with the Merchant Marine as an Able Seaman. In Harry’s own words:

“… I left the Navy after a little with over 11 years of service in 1978. I sailed in the Merchant Marine as an Able Seaman aboard tankers, freighters, and container ships. When I had enough sea time I sat for my Deck Officers License. Within 17 days of obtaining my License for steam or motor vessels of any gross tons upon oceans I had a berth as Third Mate. I applied for a Navy Reserve Commission and became a 1625 Officer. I called the Chief Torpedoman off the Ray and told him they had made me an Ensign. He said, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone…”

In addition to distinguished military service, Harry is a proud Kentuckian, devout husband, father, proud grandpa and a real outdoorsman.

“…I grew up on thoroughbred horse farms. We had other livestock as well. Pigs, chickens, sheep, and cattle were a part of the daily routine. Under my father’s supervision I was shooting groundhogs with a 220 Swift at age 8. We shot dove, quail, and ducks too. There was no season for deer state wide simply because their population was so small.. Only on military reservations did they have a season. I rode horses everywhere and fox hunted. After I was too old for pony club we started playing polo. In high school I played football and pole vaulted…”

An avid Second Amendment supporter, Harry is an accomplished five stand shooter and his firearms of choice are:


·         Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum

·         1911 .45 ACP

·         S&W J Frame .22


·         Ruger M77 RSI 30-06

·         Ruger M77 RSI 6.5X55

·         Ruger African .275 Rigby

·         Ruger M77/22


·         Parker 10, 12, 16, 20

In the SUV:

·         AR Pistol 7 1/2″ Barrel 5.56X45 plus .22 conversion

·         KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun)

·         Sig 229 9mm plus .22 conversion

Around the house:

·         AR Carbine 16″ Barrel 5.56X45

·         MK1919 Shotgun

·         Mossberg 590 Military Shotgun

·         Mauser Carbine “Scout” 7.62X51

·         Various 1911’s

Other Interests:


·         Anything from Buffalo Trace Distillery


·         Guinness Stout


You can reach Harry via Contact Us.


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