What a conversation between Vern Miyagi and Hawaii Governor Dave Ige could have sounded like.

We send all of our Hawaii brothers and sisters great Aloha and we are all glad this was a false alarm; even better no one seems to have been injured during the panic.

In a bit of local humor this is what a conversation between Vern Miyagi and Governor Dave Ige could have sounded like…

Phone ringing at Governor’s Mansion

Ige: Hello

Miyagi: Dave, howzit bra!

Ige: I was getting ready for umf my wife, you know dakine, one sneak attack!

Miyagi: Sorry eh, but we have one big mess!

Ige: Vern bra, no make joke eh you! What mess?

Miyagi: One of my guys, Kobayashi, went bakatare and click the wrong butten! Now everybody tinks we under attack.

Ige: Oh bra no can be!!!

Miyagi: For real Dave, all of Hawaii is now more lolo than lolo!!

Ige: Kobayashi ???

Miyagi: Nester Kobayashi. He doesn’t look like one Japan guy but…

Ige: Oh no! I know da guy. He’s my wife’s cusin’s cusin’s cusin, he’s hapa Portugee.

Miyagi: Nooo! Hapa Portugee with Japan name? Wow, who da guy! You like I pau hana da guy?

Ige: If you do dat bra, it’s no more dakin for me. Jus beef da bugga!

Miyagi: I giv’em  good Dave! Bambai we can talk some more, my wife still stay ne ne…

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