Lyman® Products’ New Cyclone Case Dryer Dries Brass and Gun Parts in No Time!

Lyman®, an innovator in the field of case preparation and reloading, introduces the perfect companion to any Ultrasonic or Rotary cleaning system with the new Cyclone Case Dryer.

Middletown, Conn. (January 2018) – Lyman® Products proudly introduces the Cyclone Case Dryer. This companion to any Ultrasonic or Rotary cleaning system will make air drying a thing of the past. Using forced heated air circulation, brass is dry inside and out in a mere hour or two, whereas it may take days to air dry. The Cyclone Case Dryer also leaves brass with no unsightly water spots to tediously wipe off that could lead to tarnishing. Different trays can be used to segment different caliber cases. The recessed handles make it easy to load and unload. It can hold up to 1,000 .223 cases or 2,000 9mm cases, for example. The drying trays have grids designed to hold the smallest cases, yet allow for maximum air flow.

A three-hour (180 minute) timer lets the user set it and forget it. The fast drying time and spacious trays also make a great gun parts dryer for any parts that have already been ultrasonically cleaned.

“What is great about the Cyclone Case Dryer is the fact that it is a time saver,” Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products, said. “What may have taken someone days to accomplish is now dry and spot free in just an hour or two. And for gun parts, you can’t beat the time it will take to get your gun cleaned and dry. You can get back on the range in just hours now.”

The Cyclone Case Dryer is available online or at any Lyman Products retailer with an MSRP of $64.95.

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