Steiner Defense Adds Exclusive the MSR2 Reticle


The MSR2 Reticle is now available on the M5Xi 5-25x56mm scope
The M5Xi is a military grade sniper scope which sets the standard for performance and durability.  Crafted entirely in Germany, the optic is hewn from the finest materials and features world-class engineering.  This combination allows the M5Xi to provide ultimate long-range viewing and delivery of accurate fire at extreme distances.  Because it is assembled to strict military specifications, it can handle the rigors of combat in some of the harshest climates around the globe, delivering outstanding clarity even in low-light conditions.

Improving an outstanding package
While the M5Xi’s rugged effectiveness comes standard, it still remains customizable as shooters may select their preferred reticle.  New to 2018, Steiner is excited to announce they will be exclusively offering the MSR2 Reticle in the M5Xi 5-5x56mm riflescope.

FinnAccuracy set out in 2009 with a goal to fill the needs of practicality, versatility, and accuracy for a wide range of long-distance shooters.  The company assembled a dream team of experienced shooters consisting of hunters, law enforcement, competitive shooters, and military to tackle the need for a reticle that would hit all those critical benchmarks.  The Multipurpose Sniper Reticle or MSR was born a short time later.
The reticle provided shooters with an array of options allowing them to deliver fire and quickly correct based upon feedback.  According to the FinnAccuracy webpage, the MSR had a “clean overall look with separate areas for precise but simple multitasking.”

History evolved
Several advancements in the long-distance shooting world have occurred since the advent of the original MSR, one of which is enhanced lens etching technology.  FinnAccuracy refined original features while adding new ones to the reticle in an effort to increase its overall functionality.  Optic magnification ratios also increased in the industry as shooters began to reach farther targets, so the MSR evolved.
Different features of the MSR2 become more focal as the magnification increases.  Some of the new enhancements are as follows:
At lower powers of magnification, (3x-5x) the reticle can now be used for spotting and general observation, but also for taking up close shots if needed.
In the midrange powers of 10x-15x, the MSR2 gives you an excellent field of view and the 400m-1300m instant ranging scale becomes more usable.  This allows shooters to contend with mirage or engage moving targets with ease.  The larger field of view also allow for more aiming references for ELR and ULR.
At powers of 15x-20x the details of the center area (such as the center cross) become more of a focal point as the scope is zoomed in.  This is done while still providing a clean “workspace”.
At 25x and up, the field of view narrows considerably, limiting usage the center of the reticle.  However, an illuminated center cross and center aiming dot feature heavily at this magnification.

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