Industry First 12 gauge Bullpup Shotgun – IWI’s TS12

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The shotgun has always been considered the ultimate defensive weapon. Absolute gospel, but it is not perfect. The traditional shotgun suffered from limited capacity, its length made it difficult to manipulate in close quarters,  and to effectively use it in tactical situations requires specialized training.

IWI decide to tackle that problem and late last year the company introduced a bullpup design designated as the TS12. The TS12 is the first ever bullpup design on the U.S. market and IWI spared nothing.

This is a gas operated shotgun chambered for 2-3/4 and 3 inch shotgun shells. The TS12 uses a rotary magazine consisting of 3 tubes that can be loaded with 5 rounds each. When one tube is empty, the operator can depress a button forward of the trigger guard to rotate a loaded tube into place, total capacity is 15+1.

The bullpup design keeps the overall size down so it can be easily manipulated in confined spaces like vehicles and corridors. The TS12 is capable of sustained intense firepower. I ran through 9 rounds, three in each tube,lickety-split. The recoil was moderate for a 12 gauge and the bullpup design places the center of gravity close to the shooter where it belong.

Availability dates, depending on who you ask, varied from now shipping to March 2018.

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