Prior to Shot Show 2018, I had not heard of Decibullz but as it turns they have quite the hearing protection technology.

Decibullz manufactures custom molded earplugs that are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear. This creates a perfect fitting, low-profile earplug that will never hurt, never fall out and provide superior noise isolation. To use, simply heat the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in boiling water, let them cool for a bit, and shape them to your ears. That’s it, and If you don’t get the perfect fit the first time Decibullz are the only custom earplugs that are re-moldable. Decibullz are perfect for shooting, traveling, swimming, loud concerts, and musicians. Decibullz Earplugs are made in the USA.

The nice thing about Decibullz is that there’s no need for custom molding and you can buy a pair for just $25.99, These earplugs are very effective in reducing loud noise impulses. Note that the sound plugs are removable and can be replaced with acoustic filters tuned for specific sounds like the human voice.


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