For 2018, Bushnell has done a superb job of filling in the gaps in its growing line of tactical optics. The company added the Tac Optics line which they’ve position as a  mid-priced sight with a projected street price of about $300 and some rather interesting names like the Mini Cannon, the Big D (a large objective red dot shown on the right) and the Little P (I wonder who came up with that one, but I was assured the P stands for prism). One of several key benefits offered in the Tac Optics line is the expanded battery life ranging from 50,000 hours to 25,000 hours and up to 4 reticle options.


Bushnell TAC Optics Mini Cannon

DSC_2405For all of you TRS-25 fans, a group where I include myself,  Bushnell has introduced the TRS-26 in their AR Optics line. This is a great replacement for the venerable TRS-25, gone is the rotary on /off and intensity setting. That function has ben promoted to up/down push buttons on the  TRS 26. It also looks like the 26 has a crisper better defined dot. I’m looking forward to shooting the sight.

Bushnell also introduced version 2 of their First Strike micro red dot. Version 2 improves mounting options along with ease of battery access over the original First Strike. Shown below with the optional laser module.


Bushnell AR Optics First Strike 2 with optional laser module





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