Your Trade Deficit Dollar At Work

The following aerial imagery was leaked to the Philippine news media. They show Chinese activity currently underway in the South China Sea ( Lat. 16.32° Long. 111.92° ). You’re looking at Chinese manmade atolls in international waters, which they claim as sovereign Chinese territory.

You’ll also note that China is not building beach resorts, spas or vacation garden spots, they’re building forward military bases to advance the country’s dominance of the Asia Pacific Rim. The country is able to do that  through its aggressive economic strategy, which is part and parcel with the country’s military plans. Revenues from a huge U.S. trade imbalance and E.U. trade imbalance with China is paying for that.

China’s unwillingness to bring North Korea to heal is a subset of its Asia Pacific strategy to dominate the region, and until the U.S. and E.U. get serious about reducing these trade deficits you will see a Chinese posture that is increasingly belligerent.

North Korea, has a gun to South Korea’s head. North Korean artillery has the potential to inflict thousands of casualties on South Korea – pretty high stakes. But, imagine how much higher those stakes will be when NOKO can deliver a nuclear payload? Sadly, the present South Korean government is weak in the knees; to be fair, not without cause. But, it’s time to face the stark reality that it will only become worse, all of which plays to China’s regional strategy.



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