Israeli-Based Israeli Military Industries Develops New Armor Piercing Match 5.56 Round That Outperforms M80 7.62 x 51 mm

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IMI Systems’ Small Caliber Ammunition Division, the rounds manufacturer,  claims their new 5.56 APM combines the features of the 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds.

The ammunition is claimed to have enhanced accuracy and penetration capabilities, making it a suitable replacement option for the 7.62mm round. The new 5.56mm APM round is of the FMJ-BT Hard Core APHC type with a projectile weight of 73 grains and cartridge weight of 12.9 g. Extensive ballistic testing demonstrated the APM round to be 30% more accurate than the 7.62mm M80 at a range of 550m. When fired on a NATO 3.4mm steel plate, the new round achieved 100% penetration up to 800 meters.

IMI says that the breakthrough development was achieved by a new bullet design, the type of powder used, and the way the bullet is inserted into its shell casing. A new type of primer was also used in the development process.

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