We are proud to introduce our new Steyr Arms Training Academy by Fontcuberta! We will be offering two courses at our facility in Alabama, both with class dates beginning in March: SPR-1 (Steyr Precision Rifle) and SPA (Steyr Precision Armorer). These small, personal trainer-like sessions will be taught by our expert and Training Academy director Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta. He is a long-range world champion that has over 25 years experience as a military and police sniper instructor and armorer, and is one of the World’s Extreme Long Range leaders. See a brief description on each class below, or visit our Steyr Arms Training Academy page on our website.

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SPR-I Steyr Arms Training Academy Course

The SPR-I (Steyr Precision Rifle) course is a three day (over 24 hour) course that will give you the theory knowledge, shooting practice and the ballistics skills needed to reach Steyr’s accuracy potential of 600 yards and beyond. This is a no-nonsense course, including rifle marksmanship, fundamentals, and the knowledge to be able to make your own super-accurate paper and electronic tables, as well as understand how and what different factors affect your shooting. At our dynamic classroom sessions and during range practice, our instructor will adapt to your needs and cover fundamentals of marksmanship and components of successful long range shooting. This includes wind estimation, ballistics know-how and software options, new hardware and optics, and a Steyr Logbook for data collection. You will learn how to properly zero your rifle, select the best zero distance for your application, and test your scope and rifle performance accurately.
Upcoming Course Dates: March 9-11, 2018 & May 4-6, 2018
Limited Slots Available!

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SPA Steyr Arms Training Academy Course

The SPA (Steyr Precision Armorer) is a three day (over 24 hour) course that will give you the theory knowledge, hands on practice and skills needed to fully gain Steyr’s accuracy potential and maintain it overtime for you or your shop’s client. This is not your typical “parts replacement class”. Instead of just covering the basics, our “precision” course focuses on the art of assembling and maintaining a precision rifle. This includes all special needs, optics, ammunition, and complex adjustments, making this so much more than a standard Armorer Course. In our personal trainer environment with only a handful of students, our expert will give you the knowledge to gain 100% effectiveness from your Steyr precision rifles, as well as complete repairs and keep them performing at competition/sniper standards. The course will cover all the maintenance, replacement, disassembly and re-assembly procedures, trigger adjustment, and even barrel change. In addition, you will also learn skills not found anywhere else that are custom-tailored to each student’s needs. These skills include scope rail selection, scope base types (their advantages and problems), proper fastening and securing of critical competition or sniper rifle optics, trigger adjustments, advanced stock adjustment, mounting competition or sniper scope systems, advanced optics, and night vision. We will also cover the limitations of certain mounting systems and how to test and evaluate a scope system on how it will perform before you ever take a shot.
Upcoming Course Dates: March 30-April 1, 2018 & May 11-13, 2018
Limited Slots Available!

More Information on SPA


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