The Vortex RAZOR AMG UH-1 is an impressive reflex sight. There are a number of features that support that position.

  1. The sight ships with an Integrated Mount QD Picatinny mount.
  2. The lenses are shatter and scratchproof.
  3. There is now visible light signature. One of the issues associated with red dot sights is that an opposing force using NVDs can detect your LED thus compromising your position. I have not tested for that but Vortex claims it has eliminated a visible sight picture.
  4. The sight can be powered by a standard CR123A or a rechargeable variant. The LFP123A rechargeable battery recharges via the sights micro USB port.
  5. 100 MOA of wind and elevation in .5 MOA increments.
  6. Ergonomics is excellent as well. All controls are rear facing so they are very easy to operate.
  7. The reticle design improves on the circle dot designs.

Image result for Razor AMG UH-1 reticle

8. M.S.R.P. $699

Be sure to check this sight out, it has a great many things going for it; not to mention Vortex’s reputation for product support.

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