Phoenix Weaponry’s Integrally Suppressed 338-06 Rifle

Phoenix Weaponry’s Integrally Suppressed 338-06 Rifle

Introducing Phoenix Weaponry’s integrally suppressed hunting rifle.

This is your opportunity to shoot the heavy loads and high velocities in the field without paying the price with your hearing.  None of us like spending the next three days wondering if there is a phone ringing somewhere.  This rifle has been developed around the venerable and highly tuned Remington 700 action with a PTG fluted bolt and a tactical bolt knob (Other actions can be used in this build, and can be requested and quoted at time of order).   At the core of this integrally suppressed assembly is an air gauged 24” custom Douglas barrel blank which has been mated with a titanium suppressor core and sleeve in order to maintain the lightest weight and highest durability possible for a functional hunting rifle that has been designed to be comfortably carried in the field all day.  Overall weight of the rifle as built in .338-06 is just under 8 lbs., less optics.  This rifle is built for long range delivery and as such is supplied with a 20 MOA rail and a custom Bell and Carlson stock that has been inlet and glass bedded for superior accuracy.  Not only is the rifle quiet, it is remarkably accurate, and consistently shoots sub MOA.  Available in just about any caliber imaginable.

While this is a standard rifle, we will be happy to custom build it any way you would like, or likewise convert your current rifle to this integrally suppressed platform just by contacting us directly so we can help you realize your dream.  You can reach us here during normal business hours at (720) 340-2496, or submit an inquiry

You can read more about our Integrally Suppressed 338-06 rifle HERE

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