Easy MOA and Mil Calculator For Android

A number of our readers have a need for ranging tools above and beyond the laser range finder. Laser range finders typically found in the commercial and military space can be detected, so you need to be able to optically range accurately using your reticle. This is a skill set that has eroded over the years yet it’s critically important. Ranging optically is usually done with tables or a slide ruler.

We ran across an Android app that is fast, accurate and easy to use called Easy MOA & Mil Calculator. Using this app, the shooter, or spotter, can quickly determine angle, width and range.

Looking at the screenshot below you can see that my target is 18 inches wide and at an estimated range of 350 yards. Based on the calculation, the target should be 1.43 mils across as observed through my optics.

In the screenshot below, I determine range to the target…

This is an excellent app to install on your device that will make ranging and tactical observation faster and a little bit easier.

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