Pulsar’s New PB8I Power Bank

13a7fded-e875-4e5b-9c85-77c61558b1c0(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Everyone loves thermal and digital night vision, but not everyone loves constantly buying and switching out batteries. For those looking to break the routine of trips to the store for batteries, Pulsar has a new lithium-ion PB8I Power Bank (PL79110).

A 5,100 mAh capacity USB rechargeable external battery pack, the PB8I Power Bank allows up to 20 hours of continuous use on just a single charge. Weapons mountable, this power bank is shockproof and can be mounted to any firearm with a compatible rail system. Perhaps the most useful feature of the PB8I is its built-in, push-button charge level indicator, which displays the charging level for you so you’re never caught by surprise with a dead battery.

Constructed of ABS plastic, this durable power bank can withstand the elements with an impressive IPX7 waterproof rating. Luckily for weight-conscious hunters and tactical shooters, the PB8I Power Bank only weighs 7.8 oz. and is compact enough to not take up needed space on rifles. A thermal and night vision addict’s best friend, the new Pulsar PB8I Power Bank includes a micro USB cable for charging.

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