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The Parkland Shooting incident left the State of Florida and the nation in shock but It also confirmed that we find ourselves with a media and Democratic Party who manipulated and weaponized our school kids to attack the Second Amendment. If that alone isn’t enough incentive to get you to the polls this November, I don’t know what will. However, regardless of your political leanings, I want you to put on your thinking cap and digest what I’m going to lay out below.

After 9-11 it became clear, or it should have become clear, that the United States is vulnerable to terrorism. Government responded by hardening airports with police and TSA checkpoints. Soon thereafter, power generating facilities and other critical infrastructure were identified and they too were hardened. How then does a soft target like a school get overlooked? How utterly incompetent can this batch of Democrats be? They have no interest in school safety or in solving problems, their agenda is undermining the 2nd Amendment at any cost.

My question to Democrats, and God bless Andrew Pollack for his efforts, what is it going to take for you to get off the 2nd Amendment and down to addressing problems like you’re moderately intelligent people.

The FBI has at least 1000+ active  terrorism investigations underway, and I’ll guarantee you at least a few of theses suspects are salivating over the prospect of targeting a school. Why? The Cruz attack got the killer a solid three weeks of 24 x 7 media wide  coverage, but it also exposed the security vulnerabilities of our school.  So, what effect will banning “assault weapons” have on school safety, when anyone can drive on campus with car bombs, mow kids down with vehicles, walk in with pipe bombs, or firearms. The same Democrats calling for gun control totally ignored adequate school security after 9-11 way before the Cruz shootings, or several other incidents, took place. The same Democrats know that individuals bent on doing harm have done so using pressure cooker bombs, pipe bombs, and vehicles.

I get hot under the collar about this because it can be readily addressed without requiring luminary status. But, I must tell you it’s becoming increasingly clear that Democrats will use anyone or anything to advance an anti-gun agenda. It’s difficult for me to criticize the Parkland kids for their protesting and marching, but I’m also reminded that among the first things done by Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Stalin and Fidel Castro is establish child activism. They all had the same agenda, consolidation of power.

In closing take a look at the (28 C.F.R.) definition of terrorism: “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”  What part of Cruz’s activities on Valentine’s Day does not meet that definition?

Let’s get behind Mr. Pollack to get our most vulnerable soft targets protected and give your 2nd Amendment phobia a rest.

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  1. Kazak says:

    Excellent historical fact regarding some of humanity’s past pillars of society and great humanitarians and how they mobilized children for their Socialist agenda’s. The same took place in the States under the Administration before the President Trump Administration. In the eyes of Socialist liberals, all of the Socialist Leaders in the article were great and compassionate men. The Democrats have total disregard for the for the safety and lives of America’s school children. Mayor Di Blasio has recently shown his concern for the safety of the children in the schools of NYC by removing the armed NYPD Officers and installing unarmed school safety officers. Good job Bill. For that show of ineptitude you receive two Lenin & Stalin Stars and a Sickle & Hammer Flag to fly over the Mayors Mansion.
    Schools are a soft target and ripe for the copy cat nuts and others. All schools should be made a hard target. If parents care for the safety of their children at school, then vote the soft on crime, soft on terrorism politicians out. Does not matter Democrat, Republican or Independent.


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