Swiss U-space & Airmap Join Forces

AirMap and skyguide have joined forces to develop Europe’s first national drone traffic management system in Switzerland.

Following Europe’s first-ever live demonstration of U-space last fall, AirMap and skyguide have partnered to advance the development of U-space infrastructure, beginning with a nationwide deployment of AirMap UTM in Switzerland.

Swiss U-space will ensure that all categories of drones and all types of missions can safely take flight in Switzerland’s airspace via sophisticated U-space services, including:

  • Blockchain-based registration
  • Tools for situational awareness
  • Dynamic geofencing
  • Instant digital airspace authorization
  • Real-time traffic alerts
  • Live drone telemetry

In a pilot phase starting in June 2018, skyguide and AirMap plan to integrate the AirMap UTM platform with skyguide’s infrastructure and introduce automated flight authorization in a single airspace environment.
Skyguide and AirMap will also develop a roadmap for Swiss U-space that will set the stage for the deployment of a fully operational drone traffic management system in 2019 and beyond.

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