SIG SAUER Academy Hosts First Annual SIG Relentless Warrior Championship

Newington, N.H. (April 23, 2018) – The SIG SAUER Academy is pleased to officially announce it successfully hosted the premier competitive shooting championship for America’s future military leaders – the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship.

SIG SAUER Academy Hosts First Annual SIG Relentless Warrior Championship

On Saturday, March 24th, military cadets from the elite military academies across the country were brought to New Hampshire by the SIG SAUER Academy to compete against each other through a high-level skills course developed by match director Chad Barber. Over seventy cadets from the United States Naval Academy, the United States Coast Guard Academy, Virginia Military Institute (VMI), West Point, and Texas A&M competed in an intense day-long event, testing their marksmanship, in hopes of being named the SIG Relentless Warrior Champion.

“Having served as a coach for one of these teams for many years I have a deep connection to this event, and it was an honor to serve as the match director for the inaugural year at SIG SAUER Academy,” added Chad Barber, match director. “These young men and women are the future of our nation’s military leadership and I am proud to have this opportunity to work with SIG SAUER Academy to provide this high level competition to showcase and challenge their shooting development.”

The top awards for the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship are as follows:

SIG Relentless Warrior Champions: Texas A&M
SIG Relentless Warrior “Top Gun”: Wade Ledbetter (Texas A&M)
SIG Relentless Warrior “Spirit of the Warrior”: Andy Hunt (VMI)

“This was truly a great day for these exceptional cadets, and it’s our honor to encourage the development of our future military leaders through our sponsorship of this event, and providing the exclusive use of the SIG SAUER Academy,” added Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. “We are proud to support these elite institutions, and their programs, and are committed to the continuance of this SIG Relentless Warrior Challenge.”

The SIG SAUER Academy will host the second annual SIG Relentless Warrior Championship in April of 2019.

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