Ammunition Depot Partners with Laura Burgess Marketing

Ammunition Depot hires Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) to grow customer base through public and media relations.

Boca Raton, Fla. (May 2018)Ammunition Depot has signed Laura Burgess Marketing for public and media relations. Ammunition Depot, a Florida-based online distributor of ammunition and firearms accessories, branded merchandise, and magazines, was founded to provide 2nd Amendment advocates and patriots with a resource for quality products backed by superior customer service from the initial online experience through receipt of the product.

“Since our beginning, we’ve been committed to the customer’s experience. As we continue to grow and offer our customers more in the way of accessories, branded items and more, we realized we needed a partner to help us get the word out and that is where Laura Burgess Marketing comes in,” Scott Blick, managing partner of Ammunition Depot, said.

As Ammunition Depot’s public relations partner, LBM will be helping them reach a larger audience through new product announcements and writer relations to bolster their growing market demand. LBM will provide content in the form of articles, blogs and email newsletter stories to educate consumers on the many benefits of purchasing ammunition through a respected online retailer.

“We look forward to supporting and growing the Ammunition Depot brand,” Laura Burgess, president of Laura Burgess Marketing, added. “The people behind this company are hardworking, family centric Americans that support our Constitutional rights, create jobs in the state of Florida and give back to our troops, law enforcement officers and their community. There are some great stories here at Ammunition Depot and it will be our job to share them with their customers.”

Ammunition Depot offers customers a vast array of ammunition, including bulk, handgun, rifle, rimfire, shotgun and specialty ammunition, like cowboy action and lead-free. Besides ammunition, Ammunition Depot offers knives and tools, magazines for the most popular rifles and handguns, packs, less-lethal and loading components. Ammunition Depot also provides qualified dealers, law enforcement agencies and security contractors with special pricing through its wholesale and law enforcement bulk pricing.

As a company founded on the 2nd Amendment principals that all Americans have the right and responsibility to defend themselves, Ammunition Depot recently joined theRhode et al v. Becerra lawsuit filed by the California Rifle & Pistol Association, with support from the National Rifle Association, challenging the provisions of Proposition 63 and other “Gunmageddon” bills on the docket.

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