Steiner Introduces the TOR Series Pistol Lights and Lasers


The same Steiner eOptics team that designs and builds the DBAL series of military laser optics has developed a set of consumer-focused pistol lasers. Still made in the United States, still milled from solid aluminum, still with a lot of the feature-set demanded by the military and law enforcement, like lasers that maintain full strength even when the battery starts draining, and most importantly, an full auto-on that turns the optic on as soon as the pistol is pulled from a holster or lifted up.

There are four models in the TOR lineup:

  1. TOR Micro, a tiny laser in your choice of green or red, which will sell for $199.
  2. TOR Mini, a slightly larger, more featured laser, at $299
  3. TOR Torch, a flashlight-only option for bright clear white light, at $299
  4. TOR Fusion, which matches the white light with a green or red laser, $399.


Get the details on the TOR line

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