GLOCK Launches Annual Safety Pledge – June 2018


SMYRNA, GA. – Jun 4, 2017 GLOCK, Inc. continues to spread the message about firearm safety with the annual GLOCK Safety Pledge through the month of June.  Over the past four years, more than 50,000 people have taken the pledge to practice the four rules of firearm safety through #FollowTheFour.  GLOCK is asking responsible gun owners to join the movement to help spread awareness of firearm safety but this year, it is more than a pledge, it is about purpose.

Participants and partners are encouraged to take a moment to think about why you carry a gun and believe in your second amendment rights.  This year’s pledge is about more than following the four rules of firearm safety.  It is also about what you do it for. Tell the world why you #FollowTheFour by sharing what you are “four” on social media.

GLOCK actively works year-round to promote firearm safety across the United States and proudly joins a community of law enforcement, community leaders, businesses and the firearms industry to raise public awareness about reducing firearm incidents.

“We believe that the first and most important step to being a responsible gun owner is knowing how to handle and store your firearm safely” says GLOCK Vice President Josh Dorsey.  “And as a firearms manufacturer and a leader in the industry, it is GLOCK’s first and foremost responsibility to teach and promote firearms safety.”

GLOCK is providing new and creative ways for fans to show their support by sharing what they are “four” through a free digital download kit available at

To join the movement and help promote responsible gun ownership during National Safety Month and year-round, go to

Join the #FollowTheFour Movement for Responsible Gun Ownership

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