Revolutionary New Smartphone/Tablet App Training System

SharpShot EZ-Trainer, Colorado Springs, CO, June 2018 – From OutWest Systems comes a revolutionary new high-tech LASER-operated training system for a smartphone and/or tablet app.
The SharpShot EZ-Trainer consists of two main elements:
  • a unique, self-contained target holding box (just insert a target and shoot); and
  • a smartphone/tablet app that shows your hits in real time, in order of firing and timing.
Whether you are a master shooter, or just learning where the trigger is, this system really works – and it will save you a lot of money on ammunition!

“We put thousands of hours into developing it,” says OutWest Systems president Paul Weissler, “and we succeeded in creating a simple yet state-of-the-art portable wireless system that shows exact hits on a smartphone or tablet with almost any make of LASER and firearm.”
Take an NRA target, or print your own 8.5 x 11-inch paper target, and insert it into the wireless target holder box. Load in a LASER firing unit from any company that fits your firearm and start practicing. Yes, we said any visible LASER. If it fits, it shows the hits!
Using the SharpShot app, your hits will instantly display on your portable device as soon as you fire. Additionally, the order and time is tracked for each hit, and all data can be saved indefinitely for later review. This system will show the exact hit location accurately in distance in or out of the bullseye – no more “sort of accurate” hit info.
The SharpShot EZ-Trainer is designed for indoor use with up to five SharpShot target holder boxes linked through the app. Several specialized scenarios and training exercises (such as shoot/don’t shoot) are included with the app.
This well thought-out system is ultra-handy; simply put the target holder box
OutWest Systems, Inc.
2817 Royal Front Dr.
Colorado Springs
CO 80919
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