A MESSAGE FROM B&T Industries L.L.C.


We have had a series of challenges with the CAL bipod.  In part, as targets are being shot at increasingly longer distances, today’s end user expectations from a bipod are increasing. Rightfully so. As such, we’ve decided to address a design element that should better address these expectations. We have stopped production and stopped shipping CAL bipods as of today June 15, 2018.  I suspect 15 – 20% of all CAL bipod users will appreciate what we are doing, but as we cannot determine who will be doing what, with our gear, we are going to satisfy that minority KNOWING the majority will be getting a better product.

We apologize for any trouble this may cause anyone and sincerely appreciate your patience.

To be clear, there is no concern about using the CALs that you own. They will safely function as designed. We are simply improving it.

We will announce when we are in production of the CAL Gen 2, as well as, the upgrade we will make available to those that own a current CAL Gen 1 and want the upgrade.

Please, address any questions, comments or concerns to: customerservice@accu-shot.com

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