Winchester Ammunition Launches New Web Site and Enhanced Ballistics Calculator


EAST ALTON, Ill. June 25, 2018 – Winchester Ammunition announces the launch of the new, its most dynamic digital platform in the brand’s history. The new website is fully loaded with enhanced technologies and functionality and also features an enhanced ballistics calculator and redesignedgear store.
“We have made it a major priority to be a leader in the digital space, which is a major investment worth making,” said Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing. “One of our core values at Winchester is a belief that success comes from continuous improvement and innovation.  Whether it’s finding creative new ways to serve our customers, designing cutting-edge new ammunition products or in this case, providing the very best digital resources possible; innovation is a driving force behind all we do.”
The new website will feature an enhanced
Ballistics Calculator and Pattern Board™ app, as well as volumes of rich content that is second to none in providing customers with the very best experience when learning about the Winchester brand and products.

The NEW Features—

  • Mobile device friendly design
  • Personalized content, including articles, product videos, Winchester TV series, and short films
  • Product ratings, reviews, and seasonal promotions
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Technical product information, videos, and visuals
  • Complete list of product offerings and available calibers
  • Media resources download site
  • Dealer locator tool
  • Improved store, featuring new items and an enhanced checkout process

The NEW Winchester Ballistic Calculator Features—

  • The calculator provides a visual graph that displays for shooters exact placement for their round of choice, with flight shown in increments as small as five yards.
  • Precise trajectory for hundreds of rifle, rimfire, shotgun, and handgun cartridges, bullet weights, and ballistic coefficients, including variations for sight-in range, maximum shooting distance, air temperature, crosswind, and even flight time can be put into a shooter’s hand with the Winchester calculator, letting him make useful side-by-side comparisons among five separate rounds.  
  • Detailed statistics chart for fine-tuning your shooting to a degree unimagined not all that many years ago. The chart is printable in regular format or in a smaller version that a shooter can apply to his/her rifle stock to provide quick reference in the field.
  • Available as a free download for iPhones and iPads through your Apple iOs app, it can also be downloaded for free onto Android phones and tablets through Google Play; and it is scalable to fit any device.

Find the Winchester Ballistics Calculator on the new, or link to it directly at

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