One of the more interesting technologies exhibited at EUROSATORY 2018, is a product offering from French designer STARNAV. The RAPACE system is far more than a bore sighting tool as explained by Anthony Candelot one of the company’s engineers.

It’s not often practical or even desirable to confirm zero or zero to a specified range using live fire. Doing so takes time and usually translates to expending a large amount of ammunition. The RAPACE system employs some sophisticated technology to mitigate those consideration.

RAPACE provides two functions:

  1. The quick initial setting providing target shooting for a new weapon.
  2. The setting ensures accurate shooting at +/- 3 cm at 100 m for a weapon known by RAPACE.

RAPACE is very simple to use:

1- Position the weapon on RAPACE and insert the light cartridge.

2 – inform the software about the weapon’s intended use.

Start the measurement, takes about 20 seconds. The result of the analysis is concretized by the display of a virtual reticle on the screen.

4 – Align the reticle of the optic on the virtual reticle.

5 – End of the procedure. The weapon is set.

Moreover, you can use the system across different platforms and different users; essentially saving the calibration profile for the specific weapon / ammunition combination and assigned individual.

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