Netherland based PHOTONIS introduced the CNOD digital imaging Night Observation Device; developed in conjunction with Rochester Precision Optics. The CNOD can be handheld or weapon mounted to provide seamless day to night all digital (no imaging intensifier tube) imaging.

CNOD uses the Lynx CMOS engine operating in a spectral range of 500nm-1080nm. The device is powered by two CR123A batteries providing 4 hours of continuous use. Detection range is greater than 750 meters and recognition range is greater than 200 meters. The CNOD ships with a 14 Gb non-swappable SD card to store images and video. It is also iP68 compliant and has been shock tested to 338 Lapua Magnum.

I was thoroughly impressed by the CNOD’s imaging. Clarity and resolution were excellent and coming in at a mere 540grams – batteries included. Some great technology from PHOTONIS.

PHOTONIS has facilities in France, Netherlands and Frisco, Texas.

For more information visit www.photonis.com

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