Thermal Imaging–Eurosatory 2018 (Continued)


While at Eurosatory, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Harry Schlemmer, Hensoldt, and Dr. Peter Bossdorf of Mittler Report Verlang GmbH at a meeting arranged by Carina Siegmund, Hensoldt, Communications Manager.

The presentation, arranged by executives of Hensoldt marketing, focused on Hensoldt’s total C4ISR solutions for the modern battlefield. The company’s Sensor House motto “Detect and Protect” was superbly represented by a series of technical solutions consisting of Radar, IFF and Data Link; EW and Situational Awareness; and Optronics.

The presentation also included the official launch of a book, “Seeing an Invisible World”, written by Dr. Schlemmer and published by Mittler Report Verlang GmbH.


I’ve had the opportunity to read the book, an experience that I’ll summarize by identifying its targeted audience as technically oriented readers. Although a technical work, the author has avoided a rigorous mathematical treatise; instead, focusing on the evolution of thermal imaging tracing its beginnings to the 17th century.

“Seeing an Invisible World” is thorough, factual and extremely well researched by a scientist who’s been integral to Hensoldt technical innovations. I strongly recommend that you add it to your existing library.

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