In February of this year, we had the opportunity to review for our readers a product designed by Mantis Tech, an Illinois based small company. The company’s Mantis X Shooting Performance System was innovative and in fact unique on its approach to evaluating and enhancing marksmanship. Well, great ideas don’t go unnoticed and at this year’s Eurosatory, Paris, Belgium-based Fabrique National Herstel  (FNH) introduced their version of a similar approach which they market as the FN Expert. The major difference between the two systems is that the FN Expert uses optical alignment to asses POA / POI differences. M.S.R.P.  $3,863

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FN Expert was designed and developed by FN’s Noptel subsidiary. Like the Mantis X Shooting Performance System, FN’s Expert  pairs with a smart device running software that analyzes muzzle movement before, during and after the trigger pull to identify breathing, sighting and trigger pull; grading each through a color coded plot. That analysis is available to both trainer and trainee so that corrective action is taken where necessary.

The following FN videos illustrate its function.


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