PGM Precision Releases Results of Its Customer Survey


PGM Precision, a French manufacturer of exceptional precision rifles, enquete_03conducted a customer satisfaction survey a few months ago. They have now released the results, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. The company has been manufacturing sniper platforms for years and have a global reputation for extraordinary accuracy and reliability. I’ve shot the PGM 338 Lapua and you can accept every claim made about the rifle as accurate. Regrettably, you don’t see them at the U.S. trade shows, a point I raised when meeting with them in Paris. I was informed that French regulations prevent them from shipping the firearms to shows and conventions outside of the EU, if I understood the explanation accurately. The survey results follow…

  1. 99.5% of respondents were satisfied with their PGM purchases
  2. 90% of non-customers are planning to purchase a PGM rifle in the coming year.
  3. 31% of respondents expressed frustration with PGM’s policy to not list prices. The company explains that foreign currency translations, shipping charges and other country specific regulations prevent them from publishing its prices.
  4. 85% of respondents view PGM products as highly reliable.
  5. 86% would recommend PGM products.
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